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Loving the newest Paislee Press releases, especially the theme of the More + Less kit which is so perfect for where I’m at with life right now. I also used the Round About Now Vol 2 labels as an overlay on a photo I took on New Years. Perfect way to start the month.

Here’s my take on working with the smaller Handbooks versus a 12×12 binder + some random thoughts on this project so far.

+The smaller size is portable. I can work with on the floor or on my desk or sometimes on the kitchen counter (the floor usually wins out)  The only downfall is that it almost seems harder to pull weeks together. The compact size makes for a more compact way of documenting.

+Since pocket space is limited, I’m opting to not use too many filler cards…I want this to house the majority of my iPhone photos.

+I want to balance clean + simple with a few techniques.

+I’m really inspired by Pink Ronnie‘s Project Life.

+Helvetica + Trend are my go to fonts right now.

+This inspired me to start logging some of the weird, crazy things I say to my kid.

+In an effort to use more and hoard less, I’m choosing to use my most coveted papers like some letterpress cards I could never bring myself to use. Why not admire them in a book rather than keep them in a box? Seems so simple.

Happy Monday-

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katie - ah, SO GOOD. you know exactly how to keep things minimal but still interesting.

I’m curious about the Handbooks size. Last year I was using Jamaica’s technique of cutting down page protectors to fit in a 8X8 book, and I really liked it, but it would be nicer to have the smaller size all ready.

Liliana - I love the idea of a smaller book, and its true use what you have instead of hoarding more, that is what i am doing this year as well.

Mel - Your style is awesome. I’m tempted to make the smaller sized book of the year, but on the other hand, I like 12. I do refuse to have more than one book per year though. I’m doing one page spreads per week for that reason. It’s good. Less stuff and more photos.
Also, we have the same Mantra for 2013 – I saw Amy Tangerine pin it and have since put a post it note in my wallet, and am looking at my home differently – less stuff, more calm.
Have a great 2013!

kelly - it’s brilliant!

Tina - I love Jamaica’s size…really got me excited to use the Handbook. I don’t know the exact dimensions of the binder itself but the page protectors are 6×8, no cutting necessary!

Tina - Totally! I would probably still go with the 12×12 if I had a designated spot to create in. I had such a hard time carrying my 2012 binder around.

Tina - Thanks Kelly!

Jenny - Loving it Tina! Funnily enough Rhonda’s (pink ronnie) is definitely my PL inspiration this year as well. The clean simple style is definitely keeping me excited to continue with it. :)

Geralyn - I adore this, Tina! I just downloaded Trend this weekend and it’s one of my go-to fonts right now too :)

Nora - Love every detail of what you have put together so far…the Saturday morning page with the calendar is just the best thing ever!

Pink Ronnie - Hi Tina,
Just wanted to stop by and say ‘hi’! It’s so fun and contemporary yet still so simple and clean. Love your graphics and muted colour palette too.
Anyway, thanks so much for the link, I’m tickled pink!
Will definitely be back.
Ronnie xo

Pink Ronnie - p.s. Just realised I totally omitted my second sentence, which was meant to be, “Love your PL/memory keeping style!”
Ronnie xo

Michelle - I love what you’ve done so far, and how each pocket is different but it all still works together!

Ilissa - Amazing I just love the colors and you are just awesome! I so love visiting and seeing your work! Totally inspiring!! Thank you!

danielle - lovely and amazing, as always!

Manda - Hey there Tina! Love your clean yet creative style of PL, and the smaller size! Looks so nice. Found you on instragram through Liz and Ronnie. :) :)


lindsey - how did you do the pinterest page? been following you on instagram and ordered your stamp from SC, can’t wait to get it in my hot little hand! such style and you are kickin’ butt and takin’ names on your PL. LOVE it!

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