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Current Pins and Weekend List

Current Pins & inspiration 1. This photo makes my heart ache. It looks exactly like my old dog Butters. Miss him so much. (original source unknown) 2. Weekend craft with Tyler. He is a super hero fanatic. 3. come hither. (original source unkown) 4. that hat. 5. roar. I want this for Tyler’s room. 6. […]

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Currents | Week 33

Eating: a frittata burrito. not sure if it’s as good as it sounds but I’m starving. Drinking: iced latte, even on a chili rainy day. Listening: right now, a few bi-planes flying over the house. Not in the mood for music or tv. The silence is soooo good. Watching: I’m on the last episode of […]

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Right now

Spring Forward! they say. I’m not much of a springer. This particular time change is hard. It’s not that I’m NOT enjoying the extra daylight because I DO. It’s all kinds of wonderful, especially when you’re an Alaskan. It’s just this “off” feeling that I can’t shake. It feels like that one episode of Unsolved […]

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1. S’mores mug cake? Definitely trying this. 2. yes. 3. mood. 4. color. 5. pretty. 6. stay fierce girl. 7. wonderful you. 8. oh. 9. Roar. Happy Friday folks! -Tina

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  Something I keep telling myself this year. It’s soooo hard but it has to be done. Let it go, move on. It’s Friday and I’m shaking all those negative vibes off. Who wants that kind of sh*t for the weekend? time: 7:55 am weather: windy\warm (kind of nice to walk out in a hoodie). […]

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