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Right now

Spring Forward! they say. I’m not much of a springer. This particular time change is hard. It’s not that I’m NOT enjoying the extra daylight because I DO. It’s all kinds of wonderful, especially when you’re an Alaskan. It’s just this “off” feeling that I can’t shake. It feels like that one episode of Unsolved […]

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1. S’mores mug cake? Definitely trying this. 2. yes. 3. mood. 4. color. 5. pretty. 6. stay fierce girl. 7. wonderful you. 8. oh. 9. Roar. Happy Friday folks! -Tina

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  Something I keep telling myself this year. It’s soooo hard but it has to be done. Let it go, move on. It’s Friday and I’m shaking all those negative vibes off. Who wants that kind of sh*t for the weekend? time: 7:55 am weather: windy\warm (kind of nice to walk out in a hoodie). […]

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A few days late to post this but still feeling that really good positive New Years vibe. Let’s pick up on a little Currents, shall we? time: 9:18 pm location: couch (aka my nightime office) eating: had delicious szechuan beef stir fry (inspired by a Pinterest recipe but naturally I had none of the ingredints […]

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1. Love not only seeing art in progress but the same image in sequence//idea for a layout. 2. Replace draw with make//that’s me. 3. Toddler advice I need to read//quiet time for toddlers who no longer nap. 4. I can’t say that I’m a huge lover of pb&j’s but in the form of a donut, […]

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