My unlucky year (+stamp winner)

Before I commence in a whine session, I’d like to post the winner for the Love You stamp. First, you all are so awesome. It’s nice to actually list your current loves, no? Always brightens my day a little and reminds me that there is more good than bad.

Danielle Gough is the winner! 

Please email me at to claim your stamp.:)

Thanks for playing along but this isn’t the end. Keep posting your Currents and link back…I’d love to read them! There will also be another stamp giveaway next month.:)


So more on the unlucky bit. (there will be a fair amount of boohooing in this post)

Maybe I jinxed myself with the Lucky Twenty-thirteen cut that started my PL this year. I am having the worst run of bad luck. When I complained to my dad about this after he delievered more bad news, he began to tell me the list of things I yammered on about were things that just happen in life. Tires get flat, money comes + goes (seems like it goes more often these days), 2 year olds have major tantrums and embarrass you when you’re visiting friends, cameras eventually need to be taken in for repairs, work gets lost when you don’t save it (damn Illustrator and it’s unexpected quitting text box), lucky keychain that has been with you for many years break, pets get old and you’re left with making a decision you never want to make.

The list goes on.

The worst? My papa was admitted in the hospital with phenomena. He’s having a hard time fighting this and I almost jumped on plane to Vegas last week. I kept thinking, “not again” going through the same when my grandmother fell ill. But as of today, he’s doing better. He’s a fairly healthy senior so my hopes are high that this will go away but I know the reality. I do. He’s suffered a broken heart since my grandmothers passing. He talks of being “ready”. What if we’re not ready? Is that a selfish?

So yeah, that’s how my year has gone so far. Again, seems selfish to complain but this is part of the process. Let it out anyway you can. Talk to a friend or family member. Blog about it. Write it out in a journal. Then be done with it. I tend to wallow in my misfortune for brief moment but I think that’s ok. We need to allow this for ourselves in order to to let the good fortunes in. We need to remind ourselves of what we do have + why these things happen. It makes us braver + more ready to deal when bad sh*t rolls around.

It’s life.

Thanks for listening. : )

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the break of dawn

little man decided he wanted to get up extra early this fine Sunday so here I am. getting what i can done while watching Olivia.

A few things.

The Love You stamp giveaway is now closed. The winner will be announced Monday morning.

New LifeLovePaper digital printable is available.

and everyone who purchases will automatically be entered to win this…

Just purchase the new printable now through Tuesday, Feb 19th and you’ll get a chance to win a bag o’ goods. Those of you who purchased the early release yesterday are entered in the giveaway.

Time for a coffee refill.

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Chocolate ( I know, so cliche but I can’t get enough of it right now)
My fleece snowflake pj bottoms (I can’t believe I’m admitting to owning such a pair but they keep me warm on cold winter nights)
This piece of artwork which also leads to loving watercolors right now (and it’s me in a nutshell)


This stamp  which I’m giving away today (scrolll down for details)

Our snowy walks around the neighborhood.


The Love You stamp is special to me because it’s inspired by my true love. Our relationship is based on a lot of jokes + laughs. Family Guy is something we watch after the little guy is asleep of course. We often say/text each other “love yoooouuuu” in our best Quahog accents.

Today I’m giving away this stamp to one lucky person. Just post your current loves here or blog about it. Just leave your link in the comments section.

I’ll also be back later today for a digital release and another giveaway! 

Happy Love Day!

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Girl Loves Friday

Feeling quite rested after going to bed early last night. I don’t remember the last time I’ve done that but man, I needed it. I’ll have to make an effort to do this more often. What a novel idea, getting more sleep. Hmph.

Onto more creative matters. Falling a tad behind on PL (I swore I wasn’t going to call it that but it is what it is) but not feeling pressured about it. Nope. It’ll get done. One thing to help me stay on track in between is to do inserts on the fly. If I happen to get something pretty in the mail or some cute packaging, I’ll just attached a label, date + journal. Here I was excited to use this cut design from the new Studio Calico release and being that I’m currently obsessed with my Lyra watercolors, it made it’s way onto the card.

Oh and I also finally cut something other than regular ol’ cardstock. I started with heavy watercolor paper. Did really well in the Silhouette, just make sure you adjust your setting accordingly.

The feathers are available in a 3×4 size and a a little larger for layouts. I plan on framing the larger one…it’s just too pretty. And I love the popular Be Brave quote. Who doesn’t need a little bravery motivation now and then?

Happy Friday everyone! Oh + before I sign off, I wanted to let you know the shop will be updated with a new digital release next week. Screen prints + stamps are stil in the works. I know, I know. It’s been nice getting other projects done and I’M STILL TRYING TO PURGE AND CLEAN before I start in on printing again. I’m determined to get the entire house + garage cleaned and clutter free. I seriously cannot believe I held on to the sh*t I had stored in bins. WHY??? Do I need eyelets in every color….no. I will also be having an online garage sale as well in the near future. Lot’s of rubber stamps and such. I’ll keep you posted. : )


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Felt hearts, gold dotted washi tape, THIS acrylic album from Jamaica Makes with THiS Studio Calico paper, my sons toy car from a Target gift card, coffee…always coffee, the way my son’s arms feels when their wrapped around my waist, true intentions, post bedtime conversations + laughs.


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