The process: part 1

I thought I would walk through my process of working with Studio Calico’s monthly kits using the May kit. I can’t officially show you any product until after the 13th (sneak night) so you’ll just have to hang in there. I know all those muslin bags are a big tease.:)

After all these years of receiving kits, it still excites me to see the big brown box on my doorstep. My mail lady is well aware of this.

The first thing I do is snap a photo for my Instagram feed and hashtag it #mysckitishere because it’s fun to see everyone else’s excitement with the arrival of their kits.

I usually start with my Project Life stuff, main kit first. I’ll go through each card and embellishment and weed out what works for me and what doesn’t. It’s usually 3 piles. The “omg, I love this SO MUCH and must use it” pile. The “I like this but not sure it’ll work right now” pile and the “Meh” pile which usually consists of items that I find hard to work with.

Next it’s the scrapbook kits….it’s pretty much the same process. The only thing I do differently is weed out the patterned papers that can be used as backgrounds like a graph paper or something that isn’t pattern heavy.

At this point, I make mental notes about what photos will work with the overall theme of the kit. I can make a boy pages out of anything but if it is super girly with pinks and florals, I’ll try to use photos of myself or my niece. If an idea strikes me right away, I’ll jot it down or maybe do a quick map of a layout and snap a photo with my iPhone. I very rarely start in with my kits as soon as I receive them. They usually get packed away for the weekend or until I get photos printed and can dedicate a night to starting.

Now that my kit is packed up, it’s time to get my photos ready. I start with photos I already have printed from past months. BTW, I pack my kit up because I scrapbook downstairs in the main living space or dining room. If I had a dedicated space, It would probably be spread out on my desk.

Random notes….

1. Evidently it was pant less toddler day.
2. He worked hard (& begged harder) for this Power Rangers Morpher thingy. He carries it everywhere.
3. This dog. Always next to me no matter where I am in the house.
4. Pile of photos from previous months.
5. Comfy (ugly) sweats and even uglier (comfy) socks are kind of must for me when I scrapbook. Keepin’ it real folks.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back next week with more of my process.


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workspace wednesday


Whipped up a quick and spicy wonton soup using frozen shrimp wontons I made last week.
I used this recipe for the wontons. Made & ate a few then froze the rest.
My quick broth recipe:
(single serving if you’re hungry)

4 cups water
1 Knorr’s chicken bouillon cube
a generous tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce
a few drops of toasted sesame oil
a generous teaspoon of garlic chili sauce
a little bit of salt
garnish with cilantro

Bring ingredients to a gentle boil, turn down the heat and simmer. Add frozen (or fresh) wontons. I added 5. Cook about 10 minutes for frozen wonton, less time for fresh. Add cilantro or sliced scallion. Maybe a little dash of Sriracha sauce.:)

-I usually add a small knob of ginger (leave whole) and sliced scallions but I didn’t have those on hand at the time. The cilantro was an after thought but it was just as delicious.

Forever eating at my desk.
Working on a series of 5×7 screen prints that will debut next week.
Chose to not turn on Pandora like I usually do. The quiet was perfect.
Emails & bills, etc.
This  is my workspace wednesday. aka #hfworkspacewednesday


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magic monday

This whole magic thing. It’s been on my mind for awhile. It started one Monday when I was driving Tyler to daycare. I had a long list of to dos and the inspiration level was on high. I said to my son, “Tyler, mommy is going to make magic today.” He replied, “magic?!” in the funniest voice. It totally blew his mind. It held me accountable though, saying it out loud. Not just something I said in my head and dismiss later.

It’s a day I put ideas into action. I’m hoping to reveal LLP’s new designs by the end of the week. Sneaks will be posted on my IG account. I’m also going to hold flash sales of misc items like misprints and items that didn’t quite make the cut.

It kind of makes me sad that I missed out on this print which is kind of perfect. I know Mondays are/can be a drag. Trust me, I know this. But I’m trying to tackle it in a more positive way, hence Magic Monday.

Mondays are for action.
Mondays are for magic.


PS. The ladies at A Beautiful Mess were kind enough to send me their new PS actions to play with. The photo above was done using Paris in ABM’s Fresh Collection. I’m a big fan of hazy photos. This particular PS action is gorgeous. The best part about these actions is that each layer is customizable meaning you can adjust the opacity and delete certain layers to create something completely unique.

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friday faves

A few things that inspired me this week.

1. I’m a fan of “where I stand” selfies. I really want to recreate this one with the map I just scored last week. (pin)
2. This one is really REALLY good. There’s so many of us in the ultra competitive crafting world. Surely we need a little bit of that competitive spirit to light a fire under our asses. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a competitive person, not so much to “beat” the other person(s) but rather to spark that energy to do my best within myself. But when it comes down to it, there’s room for all of us. (pin)
3. Shanna Noel’s PL spread for the Bluegrass reveal makes me rethink my whole game plan. (pin)
4. Pops of color on neutrals grays and muted whites. LOVE. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve in my own home for years. (pin)

Happy Friday ya’ll!


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Pin*approved recipe

Even though it’s spring, it’s still a bit chilly up here. I had returned home after a morning full errands. Why I decided to wear flats is beyond me but I immediately put on my big ol’ fuzzy slipper socks and headed to the kitchen to prepare a pot of soup for me and the boy. Jeff’s not a big soup fan (more of a sandwich/burger guy) so I almost always cut a recipe in half, especially with soups that include rice or pasta. Just doesn’t keep well.

I knew I wanted to make chicken soup because there were a few pieces of leftover roasted chicken in the fridge from the night before. Half of it went into Jeff’s sandwich. The other half was destined for better things. : )

Picked up my trusty iPad, opened up the even trustier Pinterest app and searched for something new. The 2 other go to chicken soup recipes I keep in my mental vault wasn’t going to satisfy my craving. I stumbled upon a pin that said “best soup ever”. Okay. That’s quite the bold statement. I scan through the ingredients. Looks easy enough. Then I saw 2 eggs listed. Huh? Eggs? Weird, I thought. But I was really curious as to how this all ended up being a creamy soup without any sort of cream which is a big plus for me. It wasn’t a day for a heavy, cream filled, buttery soup.

You guys, this recipe is AMAZING. So simple and so satisfying. What I love is the creaminess without that heavy feeling sitting in your tummy. It’s the eggs! Go figure. It makes total sense though.

I altered it a bit the second time around. The boy complained about it’s “sourness” from the lemon. I personally loved it. I did cut the recipe in half (still added 1 whole carrot and celery) and only added the juice of half a lemon. So good.

The photo above was the first attempt, more soupier. The second attempt below came out a little thicker due to cutting back even more chicken stock. I preferred the first version.

You can find the original recipe here.


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