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IG feeds have been inundated with ALT captures. Seems like a great venture for those who really want to push their blogging capitol forward. This was something I thought I wanted. Until it came down to the nitty gritty of actually blogging.

I wonder if that is the main goal these days. Is casual blogging a thing of the past? Is there a future for those who just like to post pretty things and speak their mind once in awhile?

Bloggers and I’m talking fierce bloggers work really hard at what they do. They probably (like many creatives) don’t get the credit they deserve.

Shit ain’t easy folks.

So what’s left for the rest of us? I’m curious to know your thoughts on this whether you’re an income producing blogger who pulls together styled shoots and tutorials like nobodies business or if you’re like me and just blog whenever the inspiration hits or maybe you’re just thinking of starting a blog.

I’d still really like to push myself here but I’m 80% sure that it will never happen.

On another note….I’ve been playing with my watercolors a lot lately. It’s been my getaway from some of the not so great things that are surrounding us. I try so hard to stay positive for everyone because that’s what all my Pinterest quotes tell me to do (& no one likes a complainer) but I can’t help but be swallowed whole sometimes by the negative shit. This is where family tickle fights and playing in my (still being updated) workspace comes in.

There is no major life or death situation happening here. Just the usual everyday middle-class stress. Money, trying to conceive a second child, trying to figure out where I stand in the creative world, money, preschool, money, etc. Stuff I shouldn’t be complaining about.

So I’ll stop.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’m ready to take on a Friday full of errands and a weekend full of love and adventure.
Happy Weekend!

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For me to actually complete a mini album is a great feat. The start of one is all sunshine and daisies, then it ends up in my never ending box of unfinished projects.

This one was different. I think having cute little page protectors helped A LOT. Also keeping it simple and to the point was key. Like with all of my scrapbooking, journaling is kept to a minimum since most of my writing is done in one of many Field Notes notebooks.

I started with this  We R Memory Keepers gold 4×4 Instgram album. I purchased a few of these in different colors from the Studio Calico shop. (fyi…the gold is IN STOCK right now) The albums come with 5 sheet protectors but I ended up getting a few extra packs.

I used a lot of items I had in my personal stash like screen prints that were for practice and a vintage flash card with the number 36. The flash card was really cool and had a nice black frame on the backside….perfect for a little photo. The number and photo are “floating” in a 4×4 protector. Simply sew around the square to achieve the look.

I added in bits of wrapping paper and handmade cards. The Stay Wild illustration is from my favorite publication, FLOW.

I ended with another “floating” element and backed it with a great quote that I printed on a transparency.

That’s it! Easy peasy which is pretty much how I do things these days.:)

Do you like to document your birthday in a special way?

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week end / 24

It’s been a tough week and I’m glad it has come to an end. Thank goodness for that smile and that box.
that’s all.
happy weekend-

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week end.

Another highly productive week thanks to Mr. Sun. All projects pretty much came to a stand still once the rain rolled in which was nice. Cold, but nice. What is it about rainy days that make you just to curl up and stay in?

Office re-do is still going strong. I’m not great at putting decor together so please don’t expect this to be a Pinterest worthy office. I’m just happy that I’ve gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF and that I’m doing this with little money. The most expensive thing purchased so far was square foot piece of foam I needed to recover a stool I scored at an estate sale for a $1. I would have left it as is (gold + green velvet) but it wreaked of cigarette smoke.

I can’t get that fabric pattern out of my head so I think I’m going to head back to JoAnn’s tomorrow and grab a yard for the stool. I originally went with a soft white vinyl but I’m not happy with the way it looks. Luckily it only cost me $10 and I’ve got a side project I have in mind for it.

Happy Friday folks. Enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

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Hello, Hello reveal!


I’ve got a simple tutorial on how to mount your foam stamps from the Hello, Hello scrapbook kit over on the Studio Calico blog!

The lack of control when using foam stamps annoyed me when I was working with them for the Hello, Hello gallery. I came up with a quick (and free) solution which was to mount them on several pieces of cardboard. You can get step by step instructions here.

There were a lot of personal faves in both the scrapbook + Project Life kit. I want several more sets of that transparent alpha!

 This Project Life spread houses all of my favorite cards and embellishments. Wood veneer sequins? One of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

 You can see the rest of my gallery here.

So what did you end up getting at reveal?


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