New classes, a sale and a big congrats


You may have already heard the big news. Ali Edwards, who I like to refer to as the “Oprah” of scrapbooking is now partnering with Studio Calico in the next chapter of her career. Her video captures her message and spirit beautifully. Congrats to her and all of her success, present and future.

I’m really excited about the 2 new class offerings at Studio Calico which will be bringing it down to the essentials of why we scrapbook. Pen & Paper with Laura Kurz I’m most excited about not only because I’m a big fan of Laura but journaling I struggle with the most.

Snapshot with April Foster will be a great way to inject a bit of inspiration into your everyday capturing. Studio Calico is also offering these classes as a bundle which is the way I’m going. This will be a great way to kick off the fall season!

With all the kiddos heading back to school (yay!) SC is having a great sale on past classes so if you missed out, now’s your chance!

Happy Hump Day!

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Current Pins and Weekend List

Current Pins & inspiration

1. This photo makes my heart ache. It looks exactly like my old dog Butters. Miss him so much. (original source unknown)
2. Weekend craft with Tyler. He is a super hero fanatic.
3. come hither. (original source unkown)
4. that hat.
5. roar. I want this for Tyler’s room.
6. I will have this nail color by the weekend.
7. coolest Disney scrapbook by Nirupama Kumar
8. simply put. 
9. green on pink.
10. drawn & type.
11. hang.
12. color.
13. Ode to the Captain.
14. Moonrise Illustrated.
15. Layout inspiration for upcoming Poets Society kit.
16. color. 

This weekend I will paint my nails said color, work on the next set of screen printed goods other new shop items, paper craft, make pearler bead super heroes, play with legos, Portland planning, repot a few plants and binge watch The Killing on Netflix.

What’s on your weekend list?

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Currents | Week 33

Eating: a frittata burrito. not sure if it’s as good as it sounds but I’m starving.
Drinking: iced latte, even on a chili rainy day.
Listening: right now, a few bi-planes flying over the house. Not in the mood for music or tv. The silence is soooo good.
Watching: I’m on the last episode of season 2 of Hemlock Grove. Jeff found this gem for me since I was all weepy about not having anything to watch. It’s gory and I love a good mystery.
Reading: My q&a on Kellie’s blog, Give a Girl a Blog. So honored.:)(there’s a special discount code to the LLP shop)
Enjoying: trip planning! my and the boy are headed to Portland in September and I’m so excited!
Making: finally taking a stab at weaving. I love seeing this trend unfold into a phenomenon. I’ve had all my supplies for a good year now and with the weather getting cooler, I found it to be the perfect fall craft.
Loving: the cute backpack I found Tyler for our trip. It’s ridiculously cute but small…perfect for 3 year olds! Plus I can’t get over how old he looks with it on. (found on Zappos, not affiliation)
Loathing: unexpected car maintenance. blah.


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LLP | 2 edition

The remaining LLP paper packs are now in the shop!

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Sandlot Reveal!

Hey guys! Did you catch the reveal last night? There were quite a few new items added to the Studio Calico shop as well!

One of the things we (the CT) decided to do for the August gallery was to pick a member and do a lift. I immediately chose Maria Lacuesta also known as Analogpaper.

She’s been on my radar lately and her gallery has no shortage of inspiration. I couldn’t choose just 1 layout to lift so I decided to use her style as my inspiration. Everything in my August gallery has hints of Maria’s style.

With this layout I was inspired by her use of Silhouette cuts and the fun bits she adds to her layouts. I love her use of white space and she always adds just enough embellishment to make it interesting yet it all remains wonderfully simple. You can view her full layout here.
Of course she was my inspiration for my Project Life spreads as well.
I’m a big fan of using 6×8 photos in the Handbook. Maria is as well. I really love the little creative touches she adds to these larger scale photos.
I wanted to get to know Maria a little more so I asked her to answer my Currents. Let’s see what’s she up to.
Eating – Ramen! Glorious ramen with broth boiled over high heat for over 10 hours. Even on hot days.  Even though I get it all over my shirt when I slurp up the noodles.
Drinking – Have you seen the crazy Limon-Pepino Gatorade?  It’s a little weird and I don’t even know if I like it, but I can’t stop drinking it.
Reading – Dark Places.  Gillian Flynn definitely writes a good page turner.
Watching – So, as of today, I’ve watched the entire Fringe series 2.5 times.  Is that embarrassing?
Listening – At this moment, Cocteau Twins!  Makes me happy while I work :) 
Loving – My small format Project Life album.  Since switching over to the 6×8 size, I’ve been much more inspired to work on it.  I love being being able to throw together a layout without stressing too much.  And I especially love including full page photos. It took a lot of experimenting, but I finally have a nice rhythm going with Project Life and I’m officially addicted.
Loathing – Choosing what to wear.  Gone are the days when I would have a new cute outfit everyday.  Now, if I find something I like, it becomes my uniform for weeeeks.  This summer, I’m all about the maxi skirt, tank, and chambray shirt (for when it gets chilly).
Making -, my new website! My old blog was more of a design exercise as I learned how to code, but this new site is truly a labor of love as I’ll be sharing a little bit more about myself, the way I work, and trying to cultivate a happy life.  Keeping it real is definitely kind of scary, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and I know it will be a rewarding experience.
Thanks Maria! Keep on doing you thang and we’ll keep on being inspired!

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