friday faves

A few things that inspired me this week.

1. I’m a fan of “where I stand” selfies. I really want to recreate this one with the map I just scored last week. (pin)
2. This one is really REALLY good. There’s so many of us in the ultra competitive crafting world. Surely we need a little bit of that competitive spirit to light a fire under our asses. I’ll be the first to admit that I am a competitive person, not so much to “beat” the other person(s) but rather to spark that energy to do my best within myself. But when it comes down to it, there’s room for all of us. (pin)
3. Shanna Noel’s PL spread for the Bluegrass reveal makes me rethink my whole game plan. (pin)
4. Pops of color on neutrals grays and muted whites. LOVE. This is what I’ve been trying to achieve in my own home for years. (pin)

Happy Friday ya’ll!


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Pin*approved recipe

Even though it’s spring, it’s still a bit chilly up here. I had returned home after a morning full errands. Why I decided to wear flats is beyond me but I immediately put on my big ol’ fuzzy slipper socks and headed to the kitchen to prepare a pot of soup for me and the boy. Jeff’s not a big soup fan (more of a sandwich/burger guy) so I almost always cut a recipe in half, especially with soups that include rice or pasta. Just doesn’t keep well.

I knew I wanted to make chicken soup because there were a few pieces of leftover roasted chicken in the fridge from the night before. Half of it went into Jeff’s sandwich. The other half was destined for better things. : )

Picked up my trusty iPad, opened up the even trustier Pinterest app and searched for something new. The 2 other go to chicken soup recipes I keep in my mental vault wasn’t going to satisfy my craving. I stumbled upon a pin that said “best soup ever”. Okay. That’s quite the bold statement. I scan through the ingredients. Looks easy enough. Then I saw 2 eggs listed. Huh? Eggs? Weird, I thought. But I was really curious as to how this all ended up being a creamy soup without any sort of cream which is a big plus for me. It wasn’t a day for a heavy, cream filled, buttery soup.

You guys, this recipe is AMAZING. So simple and so satisfying. What I love is the creaminess without that heavy feeling sitting in your tummy. It’s the eggs! Go figure. It makes total sense though.

I altered it a bit the second time around. The boy complained about it’s “sourness” from the lemon. I personally loved it. I did cut the recipe in half (still added 1 whole carrot and celery) and only added the juice of half a lemon. So good.

The photo above was the first attempt, more soupier. The second attempt below came out a little thicker due to cutting back even more chicken stock. I preferred the first version.

You can find the original recipe here.


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birthday weekend

Turning 29 (+7) was pretty good. Great actually. I was pleasantly surprised by my loved ones who gifted me pretty things and sweet confections. My heart is certainly full.

Loving the Oh Joy for Target collection…had to nab the party hats and balloons for a little bday fun.

I shopped my heart out (within my means) and ate way too much but birthdays are meant for such indulgences, no? Shopping consisted of the art store and numerous thrift shops. It must have been my bday luck because I found some sweet treasures which included a midcentury dresser. I have been hunting down midcentury items for the past year with no such luck and I’m talking affordable midcentury here. Not the pieces you find in antique shops with outrageous price tags. It needs a little repair but for $40, it was a steal. I’ll try to do a before and after photo.

The Mr and I spent an afternoon together sans the boy which we haven’t done in a long while. It was so nice and we really need to make a point of doing this more often. I was most excited about stopping at an Estate sale on our way to pick Tyler up from his Aunt and Uncles (who he adores). The bright “George’s Estate Sale” sign drew me in. “Let’s go look at George’s stuff!” I exclaimed.

It was strange to just walk in someones home and rummage through things but man, it was FUN. I mean, seriously…it was such a high. You thrifters know of the high I speak of. And then you see that gem shining through the old books and ugly pieces of 80′s furniture. There I found a metal shelving unit in a cutest shade of yellow. $2. To my left, and old US map. .50 cents. These things I see on Pinterest and in my thrifting dreams are now being carried by my husband and soon to be in my home. Sigh.

At this point, I’m amped on getting my office redone. I’m seeing peg boards, a new workstation…it needs to act as my printing room as well so if you follow me on Pinterest, you may see an influx of office re-dos. Fair warning.

And I leave off with this quote which I happened to stumble upon a few days before by birthday. Really feeling it. (can’t find the original source but here’s the pin)



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PL 2014 so far

From the beginning of January.
2014 card designed by Jamaica Makes for Kelly Purkey. The “break tradition” fortune is a png file from the Paislee Press Brightside kit. It really sets the tone for my year.

A bit of an incomplete spread. Need to add some journaling. Mostly Studio Calico bits and pieces for this one.

This was one of my spreads from the Office Hours Studio Calico kit. Truth….I get a little bored with the page protector offerings and these have yet to come in. Until then, I’ll experiment more with sewing my own pockets. The idea was inspired by Elise’s layout.

Another spread from the Office Hours kit. Love using bits of happy mail in my PL.

The funny thing about my “let it go” postcards and print is that I created it before I saw the Frozen. Letting it go has always been my flaw. I don’t do it enough. I’m trying (really hard) though. Of course when I finally did see Frozen, I FELL IN LOVE. I’ve never loved a Disney movie more than this one. Brave is a close second.

Used the frame from Paislee Press’s Picture + Words 9 kit (awesome templates) + these gold geotags. The red LOVE heart is from BG’s Capture chipboard set.

I used Liz’s Picture + Words 9 template here. I’m not a huge lover of the 4×6 pocket but these templates make it easier for me to use. The yellow hearts on my numbers print is a nice insert for some wording and simple journaling.

My process has been pretty sparadic so far. I’m not following weeks or trying not to worry too much about exact dates.So far, so good!


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This holiday holds a lot of meaning for us. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before. It was the day in which our son was conceived. St Pat’s Day 2010.  I know this because it was the day of my last IUI. It was the day I came to accept whatever outcome God had planned for me. Whether that was a positive pregnancy test or embracing the fact that I would never be able to have children on my own.

I can’t explain the feeling exactly. Kind of like a calmness that washed over my body as I lay on the patient table, paper sticking to by behind. I didn’t stare at the stupid inspirational poster while twiddling my thumbs and worrying. I came prepared with a book (Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential) and a clear mind. And you better believe I wore my green. I am a smidge Irish.

Not to say that that was the reason why a few weeks later the pregnancy test finally showed that damn positive sign I had wished, hoped and prayed for. I’m sure it was the calm & acceptance. You know how everyone tells you to not stress when you’re trying and all you want to do is shove it back down their throat? Yeah. I’ve been there.

Today I will celebrate the calmness and acceptance of what lies ahead.
Happy St Patrick Day,

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