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so me. or at least I like to think it’s me.:)

*cut out from new newest (and beautiful) Anthropolgie catalogue.

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weekend desk

I had a lot of projects going on this weekend and felt the need to fit in some PL time. I always feel more inclined to catch up when a new month begins. Keeps me on track….I figure if I don’t get more than a month behind, I’m ok. I started with the current week and now working my way back.

I wanted to do a quick tutorial on my most recent Instagram post.  I think this is a really cute way to add these types of photos into your scrapbooking. I do this before deleting all them because who needs 20 photos of the top of your child’s head.

Hope you had fabulous weekend full of good things.

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show & tell//may lilies

Sunny Yu with May Lilies sent me a pair of her oh so cute earrings. They’ve become one of my faves amoungst the few that I wear on rotation. I use to love my big ol’ hoops but post kiddo, studs are more appropriate for my lifestyle. (I have this fear of my earring being ripped out of my ear lobe)

Not only is the design + color cute but they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Doesn’t even feel like I’m wearing earrings. Plus I have super sensitive skin so the sterling silver is a huge thumbs up.

Sunny Yu also creates beautiful necklaces and other delicatly shaped earrings. Check out her shop here.


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+Skyfall by Adele
I’ve been wanting to see a good action movie so we watched Skyfall over the weekend. I think my favorite parts are the beginning with Adele singing Skyfall + when they showed the Skyfall location. Really beautiful setting + song.  I purchased the single today + haven’t stopped listening to it.

+Seeing Tyler after he’s been away for a few hours. 
I found a great in home daycare for Tyler a few weeks ago. I can’t tell you had difficult it was for me to find someone to watch my son. Not only finding someone but the over-protectiveness I felt about having Tyler being cared for by another person. I’ve learned to let that go now. This little bit of time apart has done wonders for all of us. I get time to work and get things done that are a million times easier to get done when you don’t have your kid(s) with you. He gets play + engage with kids his age. He loves it + looks forward to HIS time.
And when I pick him up…it’s a one of those magical happy parent moments that make all those tantrums + fussing + crying for not apparent reason meaningless.

+this layout.
This is just a little snippet of the one my layouts created for the March Studio Calico kit. The Kesi’art paper in the Hook (#4) add on is gorg + I love the actual texture of the paper. Remember this tutorial? I applied it to a very photo taken a few weeks ago. Love the results but I hate that I botched the typed journaling below. You’ll see after the full release. I’m thinking I may have to track this paper down and recreate it again.

Your turn.

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Girl loves friday

Keeping it simple with this beautifully illustrated short.

Enjoy the weekend.

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